The following rules apply to the minecraft server. Please also read the general rules section

  1. You are responsible for the behaviour of anyone playing on your minecraft account - if they are banned, you are too.
  2. Do not ask for a higher rank.
  3. Recruiting for other servers, regardless of size, is not permitted.
  4. A person may not abuse other players in any fashion. This includes, but is not restricted to:
    1. PVP abuse- e.g.s; setting teleports within a pvp zone, making traps to damage players
    2. Teleport death traps
    3. Griefing
  5. Players must report any and all problems with the server (e.g.; exploits, lag sources, hacks) to an admin.
  6. non-admin players must not imply or claim that they are an admin
  7. Do not exploit deficiencies in the server's security. (This effectively covers hacking minecraft, or trying to get around land protections)
  8. Client mods and texture packs:
    1. Flying and movement mods are permitted only for donators and admins
    2. Any mod or texture pack that gives a player an unfair advantage over others (e.g; x-ray) is not permitted. This includes cavern finders and cave-mapping features of mods such as REI's minimap (turn off cave mapping!)
  9. No block or item made in creative mode may be broken in survival mode (or adventure mode) - if a block placed in creative mode is broken it must be immediately replaced or destroyed - it may not be placed at a new location or used. Please inform an admin of your mistakes adhering to this rule (for it can be difficult).
  10. Abuse of global chat such as spamming, swearing or misuse of capital letters is not permitted. This aplies equally to donators' [tags]. All other forms of chat are unregulated unless their misuse generates complaints from recipients.
  11. Users are required to follow the instructions of admins (but can freely complain about these instructions on the website)
  12. Sign shops must not have misleading discriptions.
  13. Special Rules for the Supporter rank:
    1. With a penalty of immediate loss of supporter and being blacklisted from purchasing supporter again, items made in creative mode may not be reclaimed in survival mode
    2. You must not teleport (/tp) to other players or teleport other player(s) without their permission.

The following terms apply to admins:

  1. Under the alias used on the server, an admin must act mature at all times
  2. Negligence of duty may lead to a demotion.
  3. All requests for help must be responded to.
  4. It is recommended that screenshots are also taken to backup all claims against other players.
  5. If an instruction issued by an admin is found to be unreasonable, it may lead to a demotion.